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Yuming valve | Warmly celebrate the 72th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China!


   Rolling through the long river of history, we are entering 2021, belonging to the new era of 2021, we usher in the 72nd birthday of the mother of the motherland. 72, this is a great number, this is a progressive number, this is a number belonging to the children of the Chinese nation. In the year of 72, magnificent mountains and rivers, a Chinese dream that has been stirring for a hundred years, is getting closer and closer to us

Autumn October to meet the National Day, the rising sun prosperous country;

Fireworks celebrate, flying dove red flag float;

Peaceful people smile, National Day holiday blessing;

On the occasion of national celebration of the 72nd birthday of our great motherland,

All the staff of Yuming Valve Group wish you a happy holiday!

I wish our great motherland more prosperity and prosperity.

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