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Make Lantern Festival | Concentrate on creating a century-old Yuming together!

      On the day of the Lantern Festival, Yuming Valve Group organized 2023 annual summary recognition and Spring Festival Literature and Art Gala, which mainly reported the work of 2022 years, the work goals and plans of 2023 years, the arrangement of the work direction of 2023 years for each department, praised the excellent staff, and the performance of the art show.
Opening Dance "Drumming the Central Plains"

      The commendation conference officially began. First, the chairman and general manager of the company reported and arranged the company's 22 years of work condition and 23 years of work plan 
      Recognized and award outstanding employees
      After the work report and arrangement and the commendation of outstanding employees, the art show officially began. Art show is a program prepared by various department of the company. It can be seen from the program list that the employees of the company have unique skills, such as dancing, singing, sketches and playing diabolo.
      The beginning of the program was the dance of "Good Morning Longhui", a very popular music this year. The rhythmic music and strong rhythmic dance movements made everyone feel energetic at the beginning.
      The second program is also a dance "good luck", Wishing everyone all good luck and happiness in the new year!
      The third program is the sketch "hand in hand win-win, create centennial Yu Ming", all the staff together, hard work to create a hundred years of Yu Ming!
      The fourth program is the Henan Opera “Mu Guiying Command”, Henan opera is a unique drama in Henan , every time listening to Henan opera, there is a feeling of going back to childhood to accompany my grandparents to listen to the opera.
      The fifth program is the chorus "Everyone paddles and sails a big boat", in the New Year, everyone will unite towards one goal, overcome difficulties and achieve the set goal.
      The sixth program is the solo "Chengdu"
      23 is the Year of the rabbit, dance "rabbit dance", wishing  everyone will raise their eyebrows in the New Year with a "rabbit" spirit and a "rabbit" in the future.
      The staff's unique skill "Diabolo" not only showed their unique skills but also exercised their bodies.
      The last song solo "All the Best",  wishing everyone all the best and all wishes come true in the new year!
     The art show is over, and the 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation and Spring Festival Art Gala will be successfully concluded. In the new year, all the family members of Yuming Valve will complete the set goals under the leadership of the chairman and company leaders,  and work hard towards the goal of a century-old Yuming.

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