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Father's Day | Your father's love is as heavy as a mountain

Father's love is like a mountain, taking care of the fire of life;  Father's love is like a road, guiding my life.

Father is a sacred name. His love is invisible, profound, great, pure and irreparable, and the most touching. The father will always be behind you, grow up with the child, encourage you, help you, guide you, give you courage, confidence and strength...

Dad's love is speechless, father's love is like a mountain; Dad's love is broad, father's love is like a road; Dad's love is warm, father's love is like fire;

Dad's teachings are like a lamp, illuminating my future; Dad's care is like an umbrella shielding me from the wind and rain.

In this Thanksgiving Day, I wish all fathers in the world a happy and healthy holiday!
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