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Ductile Iron Check Valve
Ductile Iron Check Valve
Ductile Iron Check Valve

Ductile Iron Check Valve

Size Range: DN50-DN300
Pressure: PN16
Body Materials: Ductile Iron
Seat Materials: EPDM
Disc Materials: Ductile Iron
Stem Materials: 304
Product advantages:
1. The spring adopts ni-base alloy x-750, which has good corrosion resistance, seawater resistance and stable torque.

2. The spring is treated with solid solution, with high tensile strength of 910MPa, Brinell hardness HB350, high hardness and good fatigue resistance. After heat treatment, the residual deformation stress is eliminated, which greatly improves the service life of the spring.

3. Rubber is treated with special process to avoid rubber aging after high-temperature spraying and give full play to rubber performance.

4. The valve body adopts the casting process of production line, with smooth appearance, clear casting, high dimensional accuracy and guaranteed delivery time.

5. The mechanical properties of the main material fully meet the qt450-10 standard, and the spheroidization rate can reach level 3.

6. The valve design fully conforms to the JB/T8937 standard, with large body shape, heavy weight, standard wall thickness and ensuring pressure.

7. The valve shaft is made of 304 material to prevent rust and corrosion.

8. The sealing cover of butterfly plate and valve body shall be ground to ensure its smoothness and smoothness, ensure sealing of disc and valve body, and the sealing cover of valve shall not leak when no pressure is applied.All products can achieve static pressure 0 leakage.

9. The inner cavity rubber of valve body adopts advanced vulcanization process to ensure that the binding strength of rubber and valve body is greater than 1.732mpa, effectively avoiding the shedding of seats in the service process.

10. The sealing cover adopts the wire seal, which improves the seal reliability.

11. Processing with special equipment to ensure concentricity and accuracy.

12. The axle hole adopts special sealing structure, and the sealing is reliable.

13. Built-in label design to prevent collision and scratching of the label.



1.Water Treatment Plant ;  2.Drilling Rigs;  3.Paper Industry;  4.Gas Plant;  5.Sugar Industry;  6.Cooling Water Circulation;  7.Breweries;  8.Heating & Air Conditioning;  9.Chemical Industry;  10.Pneumatic Conveyors;  11.Waste Effluent Treatment Plant;  12.Compressed Air.
DN NPS L±1.5 D D1 D2
50 2'' 43 101 58 65
65 2  1/2'' 46 118 75 80
80 3'' 64 132 85 94
100 4'' 64 157 105 117
125 5'' 70 186 125 145
150 6'' 76 213 165 170
200 8'' 89 272 215 224
250 10'' 114 328 260 265
300 12'' 114 378 300 310

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