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Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve
Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve
Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve
Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Size DN50-DN300
Pressure PN10
Body Materials WCB
Seat Materials EPDM
Disc Materials Rubber/Stainless Steel/Hard Alloy/PTFE
Stem Materials 2Cr13/304
Knife gate valve is also named  slurry valve, mud valve. Its opening and closing part is a gate.The medium is cut by a blade-shaped gate that can cut fiber materials; It rises and falls in the side guide groove, and is pressed against the valve seat by the lugs at the bottom. If a higher medium tightness is required, an O-shaped sealing valve seat can be used to achieve two-way sealing. The knife gate valve has a small installation space, low working pressure, long service life and simple maintenance.

Suitable Medium:Molasses, pulp, sewage, coal pulp, ash, slag water mixture.

Working Temperature: 0℃~80℃

Application field:Chemistry, water treatment, coal power plants, food, paper, petroleum.

Product Advantages

1. Precision casting valve body, fine appearance, no trachoma.

2. Valve wedge is burnished smoothly 3 times and polished 5 times to ensure the sealing porformance.

3. Valve stem is equipped with bearing to reduce friction.

4. Rubber coated PTFE packing seal, which can increase the elasticity and reduce the leakage of upper seal.

5. U-shaped sealing ring of the seat to ensure the strong conbation between valve seat and body.

6. Each valve will be tested shell and sealing pressure before leaving factory.

7. 250 μm epoxy coating, it can effectively prevent corrosion and rust.
8. The protection level of pneumatic actuator is IP67.


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