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Ductile iron Y strainer
Ductile iron Y strainer
Ductile iron Y strainer
Ductile iron Y strainer

DIN3202-F1 Ductile iron Y strainer GGG40 GGG50 Filter

Size Range : DN15--DN1000
Pressure : PN10,PN16,PN25
Temperature: ≤350℃
Connection Flange
Body: Ductile Iron GGG50
Application: The middle of the pipe, the end of the pipe
Bonnet : DI ,GGG50,GGG40,GG25
Screen: SS201,SS304,SS316

At the beginning of filtration, the water to be filtered through the intake to reach the medium layer, then most of the pollutants are trapped on the surface of the medium, a small amount of small dirt and other floating organic matter is trapped in the medium layer, so that the system water to meet the requirements, to ensure that the production system is not affected by pollutants, can work well. When the water impurities and all sorts of suspended matter reaches a certain amount of time, the filtration system can pass the import and export of the differential pressure difference control in real time detection, when the differential pressure reaches the set value of the control box to tee hydraulic control valve in control system to send signals, tee will through the water hydraulic control valve automatic control the three-way valve of the corresponding filter unit, Let it down import channels open drainage channels at the same time, at this time due to less pressure drainage channel, other water filtration unit will be under the pressure of the water from the outlet of the filter unit in, and continue to scour the filtration unit of the dielectric layer, so as to achieve the effect of the cleaning medium, after washing wastewater under the action of water pressure by into the sewage pipe outlet of the filter unit, Complete a blowdown process. When the time reaches the time set by the timing controller, the electric control box sends the sewage cleaning signal to the three-way hydraulic control valve. The specific sewage discharge process is shown as above.


Its working principle is to use the pore composed of filter material, the mud sand, colloid, suspended solids and other impurities in the raw water intercepted. Because of the scientific distribution of the filter material, the filter bed interception of impurities is very good, and the quality of water is greatly improved. Filter accuracy up to 10μm.


At the same time, the filter bed is gradually interception of impurities in the water, so that the tank in each layer of filter material will be fully uniform use, effective filter layer, thus extending the use cycle of filter material, reduce the operating cost of equipment (reduce the number of backwash and backwash water consumption.

Bonet: DI ,GGG50,GGG40,GG25
Screen: SS304,SS316
Body:DI ,GGG50,GGG40,GG25
Gasket: SS304
Bolt: SS304
Plug: Carbon steel
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