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Celebrate Lantern Festival

 The 15th day of the lunar calendar is also the Lantern Festival. After the Spring Festival of the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival gradually came into an end, and the Lantern Festival, but also representing the reunion.
This festival represents every Chinese to pay attention to the reunion, and the beautiful direction of the new year.

On the Day of the Lantern Festival, Yushen Valve Group Co., Ltd. held a grand Lantern Festival, the General Assembly is divided into two major items.
The first item is the work of the company's general manager for 2020 work report and the work arrangements of each department in 2021! Chairman preached 2021 company development direction and work policy and excellent employee commendation!

The general manager conducts the 2020 work report and the work arrangements of various departments in 2021

Chairman preaching 2021 company development direction and work policy
Conduct excellent employee awards

Excellent employee representative statement!
The second is the Lantern Festival performance. The company has more versatile, not only has a vibrant dance performance, soaring individual solo, but also shaking a hollow bamboo and a small product, but also a chorus full of team spirit!

The company's dance team beauty is full of vitality!

Shake the bamboo performance!

The small product performance of the Ministry of Foreign Trade!

Chorus of the whole welding workshop!

In 2021, the Chinese lunar new year, hope you live up to others' expectation, don't be hard to yourself; always unite, no departure.

 All members of the Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd. wish you:

Moon shining, business thriving and people solidarizing
Happiness existing, peace lasting and wealth stuffing

A wholly new Year,

Get more care,

Have more surprises,

Harvest more beauties!
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