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Mother's day | wish all mothers a happy holiday
I recklessly demanded everything from you with a "mother" as a reward,
and you gave me everything without reservation with a "mother" as a shackle.

In the past
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Traditional 24 solar terms 【Gu Yu】Meeting by chance and rain begets a hundred grains.
Meeting by chance and rain begets a hundred grains. The Gu Yu is the sixth solar term of the 24 solar terms and the last solar term in spring. Gu Yu is w
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Leaders are caring, motivated, comprehensively improve and promote development
conducted research and guidance on Yuming Valve Group for many times, and have a detailed understanding of the company's development status, prospect planni
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The Yuming valve group founded the 50th anniversary in 1972~2022! -chairman's speech!
Yuming Valve Group was founded in 1972. Yuming’s predecessors overcame difficulties with advanced development vision and a sense of mission for the we
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Qingming outing, first seeing flowers blooming
Ching Ming Festival also known as Outing Festival, Xingqing Festival, March Festival, Ancestor Worship Festival, etc.

The festival falls between mid-spring a
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Careful and attentive, quality is always assured
Yuming valve group adheres to quality-oriented, honest management and customer first, takes "integrity and law-abiding" as an important cornerstone of e
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