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new office building
The new office building has been built and put into use
Yuming valve group have been product valves for 45 years with the development and innovation Yuming valve group have been changed from a common valve manufacture to chinese well-known trademarks in this filed.
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Studying and training in workshop
Studying and training in workshop
From May 8 to 12, Yuming opened an training-week,.The theme is the study of new product and knowledge, during which the office personnel get into the workshop in batches to learn the company's new product manufacturing process..
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international labor day
Yuming celebrated the international labor day
On May 1, 2017 is the annual international labor day, it belongs to the whole world labors.In December,1949, China formally established May 1, as the labor day.
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Egyptian clients visit Yuming
Egyptian clients visit Yuming
New foreign customers to visit our factory again, on April 2017. the customers come from Egypt, at the same time ,it is also our first Egyptian clients.
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2017 and award ceremony
Convention of celebrate lantern festival in 2017 and award ceremony
The fifteenth day of the lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, in this day according to Chinese tradition, All family people to eat sweet dumplings , watch lanterns and enjoy the entertainment activity , Also it is the time for Chinese people to celebrate the transfer of new and old .
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Spring annual meeting
Spring annual meeting for 2017 and the 13th conference of merchants association
On January 4, 2017, YUMING valve group meet the official start of the lunar New Year annual meeting and the 13th merchants association.
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