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What are the selection conditions of electric butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve?
Electric butterfly valve has the advantages and uses Electric butterfly valve is a very common pipeline flow regulation device, It has a wide range of uses and covers many fields, such as regulating the flow of water in reservoirs and dams of hydropower plants, regulating the flow of industrial fluids in factories, etc。The following take you to understand the characteristics and advantages of electric butterfly valve.
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Causes and treatment of internal leakage of natural gas ball valve
Causes and treatment of internal leakage of natural gas ball valve
Causes of internal leakage of natural gas ball valve
1.Reasons for internal leakage of valve during construction:
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 What are the commonly used materials of the valve stem?
The valve stem is not only a moving part, a force part, but also a sealing part in the valve opening and closing process. At the same time, it is affected by th
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Commonly used valve material
The valve is a kind of equipment widely used in various industrial and civil fields, and the choice of its material directly affects the performance and ser
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Characteristics and Technical Parameters of Wafer Check Valve
Wafer check valve is also called counterflow valve, check valve, back pressure, and one-way valve.
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Common Ball Valve Issues and Troubleshooting Methods
In conclusion, ball valves are indispensable in industrial applications, but they are not immune to issues that can disrupt operations. By promptly identifying and troubleshooting problems like valve sticking, leakage, and seepage, you can ensure the continued and efficient operation of your ball valves. Moreover, regular maintenance is essential to prevent production-related accidents.
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