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Eccentric butterfly valve selection and application conditions introduction
Eccentric butterfly valve selection and application conditions introduction
Double eccentric seal butterfly valve adopts eccentric structure design, its valve main structure consists of valve body, butterfly plate, valve seat, valve stem and transmission mechanism and other components, the valve seat adopts removable structure, and according to the physical and chemical media characteristics of different media, the corresponding corrosion-resistant, light-resistant, aging-resistant materials can be widely used in water supply and drainage, sewage, construction, air conditioning, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, light textile, paper, hydropower, ships, metallurgy, energy systems and other fluid pipelines as a regulating and intercepting device to use.
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Strainer selection and application introduction
Strainer Selection and Application Introduction
The strainer is a small device that removes a small amount of solid particles in the liquid or gas, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment. When the fluid enters the strainer cartridge with a certain size strainer, the impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate is discharged from the strainer. When it needs to be cleaned, just take out the detachable strainer cartridge and reinstall it after processing.
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Understand the difference between butterfly valve seat
Understand the difference between butterfly valve seat
Soft/hard/lined in the valve bodyIn the selection of butterfly valves, we often talk about the hard backrest, soft backrest and lining glue. The biggest differe
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Learn about gate valves
What is a gate valve?
Gate valves are widely used for all types of applications and are suitable for both above-ground and underground installation. Not least for underground install
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Valve gasket installation and material selection
1、Carbon steel
The recommended maximum operating temperature is not more than 538℃, especially when the medium is oxidizing. High quality thin carbon steel pl
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Butterfly valve working principle; Applicable range of butterfly valve
Butterfly valve is a disc type opening and closing parts reciprocating around 90° to open, close or adjust the medium flow of a valve. Butterfly valve i
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