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Qingming Times, stepping into the tomb


        The Ching Ming Festival, also known as the Qing Festival, the Qing Dynasty, March, the ancestor festival, and the festival in Zhongchun and the spring. The Qingming Festival is from the ancestors of the ancient times, and the folk customs and spring festivals, both natural and humanistic connotations are both natural and strong, and there is also a traditional festival. Sweeping the tomb and the ancestors of the Qing Dynasty are the two vulgar themes in the Ching Ming Festival. These two traditional folk themes inheritance in China since the ancient times, so far.
        The Ching Ming Festival is an ancient holiday of the Chinese nation. It is a happy festival of the grave and ancestors. It is also a joyful festival that people get close to nature, play, enjoy spring fun. Fighting finger B (or 7 ° 15 °) is the Qingming hollow, and the handling time is before and after the Gregorian calendar. This time, the festival is very angry, the yin, all things "vomiting the new", the earth presents spring and Jingming's pictures, is the good time of the early Qingchun tour and the tomb.

The Ching Ming Festival is a traditional major spring festival, sweeping the tomb, remembering the ancestors, is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation since ancient times, it is not only conducive to the promotion of filial piety, and the family members can also promote the cohesiveness and identity of family members and even the nation. The Qingming Festival is integrated into the natural holiday and the human customs. It is a Tianxian and a combination. It fully reflects the harmoniousness of the Chinese nation's ancestors to pursue "God, Land, People". Pay attention to the situation of the time, follow the natural law thought of.
 A year of the year, a year of concern, a year of missing, a minute of memory. Will n't forget, don't leave, for your side, leave, work hard, and cherish it.

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