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Caring for employees, physical and mental health, build a harmonious corporate environment!


        Body health, anti-weight, people can easily enter the sub-health state if they are not scientifically self-adaptering and self-protection for a long time. Therefore, regular medical examinations are very important to everyone. The medical examination is not only responsible to yourself, but also to the family, responsible for the company, responsible for the society.
         In order to protect the physical and mental health of employees, it is the main disease and multi-hairstyle to prevent it, and can be found early, and early treatment, Yu Ming Valve Group Co., Ltd. conducts physical examination of employees on April 12, sending a majority of employees Warm, healthy gift.

       In order to do this medical examination, the company leaders personally asked, requiring to do neither affect work and not missing personnel. Through physical examination, on the one hand, you can understand the physical condition of our employees, followed by employees to enhance self-care awareness and pay attention to the prevention of disease.

        With practical actions to care about employee health, organize employees to organize physical examination, fully reflect the "people-oriented" management philosophy. It is the employee to feel the warmth of the company, further improve the mental strength and belonging of employees.
        The cohesiveness determines competitiveness, which injects strong driving force into the growing development of the company. In the future, the company will continue to arrange employees to regularly do medical examinations, and fall into practice to employees, promote the common health development of enterprises and employees.
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