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A roll of rolls, a true | Yuming Valve wish you a Dragon Boat Festival!


The Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It not only clearly records the rich and colorful social life culture content, but also accumulates the deep historical and cultural connotation. Every time I go to the Dragon Boat Festival, various festival activities are launched all over the country, rich in festival, and lively.
      Brown fragrance, fragrant kitchen; Ai Yexiang, Xiang Mandang; peach branch is inserted on the door, go out and look at Mai Huang; here is the end of the sun, there is a sunny everywhere. "This kind of nursery rhyme is singing is China's traditional festival" Dragon Boat Festival ".

     May 5. It is Dragon Boat Festival, scorpion, dragon boat dance. Fragrances, dancing blessings.
     Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd. I wish you: life is beautiful, colorful; career harvest, grain fat! Dragon Boat Festival!

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