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Zhang Zhiqiang First Top Ten Party Organization Secretary!

  •  Zhengzhou City's first top ten party organization secretary selection competition final on June 9, 2021, held in Zhengzhou Party School, Secretary of the Party Branch of Nanxun Village, Chairman Zhang Zhiqiang, using his strength, win Zhengzhou in one fell swoop The first place in the city.
    Since January 2016, he has always been based on "for the masses for welfare, improve the lives of the masses". In his leadership, there have been earth-shaped changes in Nantun Village, become a beautiful country, a beautiful country. At the same time, Yushen Valve Group Co., Ltd. achieved sales from 12 million to more than 2 billion.

    At the same time, he leads the party members and seizes the opportunity of high quality development in the Yellow River Basin.

    I believe in our Nantun, believe in our Yuming, will be better and better under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Zhiqiang, going to have more brilliant tomorrow!

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