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Yuming Valve-Don't Scare Wind And Rain, "Yu" Is With You!

   On July 20, 2021, Henan Province suffered a rare extreme heavy rainfall, Zhengzhou and many other places suffered severe floods, and Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd. was also in the disaster area.

   Although it was in the disaster area, Yuming Group responded quickly and immediately launched self-rescue and disaster relief operations. While ensuring the safety of employees, Yuming Group also took the initiative to undertake the rescue and transfer work of people in other nearby villages that were severely affected by the disaster.

   Under the leadership of Zhang Zhiqiang, the chairman of Yuming Group, the village committee members and young and middle-aged employees in the factory actively participated in the disaster relief work. On the one hand, Yuming Group participated in disaster relief, and on the other hand, it organized employees to form volunteers to undertake the downloading and uploading of relief materials, which not only guaranteed the life safety of the people in the disaster area, but also guaranteed the basic living needs.

     Mr. Miao, a distributor of Yuming Valves at Dongying, organized the living goods to Yuming factory as soon as he learned of the disaster in Henan.

   A party suffered,other parties come to support! Yuming Valve Group always adheres to the people-oriented corporate philosophy, actively contributes to the society, and takes more social responsibilities when the country needs it!

     Yuming Valve, "Yu" you are with you, the more catastrophe, the more you will help each other. Yuming Valve, "Yu", protect your beautiful home together!
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