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Scientific epidemic prevention and safety, safe production and people's livelihood-Yuming Valve Group's business is advancing steadily!


   The recent "Delta" Novel coronavirus attacked Zhengzhou, which also gave Zhengzhou a severe test by surprise, which has just experienced the flood that has not yet alleviated. In the face of such an emergency, the provincial and municipal governments urgently deployed to further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control measures.

   In order to effectively stop the spread of the epidemic, Zhengzhou City has listed some areas as closed areas and conducted national nucleic acid testing. Facing the severe situation of the rebound of the epidemic, in order to effectively ensure the safety of employees of the group company and the smooth operation of the business, Yuming Valve Group promotes the spirit of "striving for self-improvement", immediately upgrades epidemic prevention measures, organizes employees to conduct nucleic acid testing, and conducts comprehensive inspections on production plants. To eliminate and kill, adhere to both epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and achieve scientific prevention and control and safe production.

   Scientific prevention and control: The Yuming factory is located in a low-risk area. All employees have been organized to complete the new crown vaccine. Up to now, employees have passed four rounds of nucleic acid testing. Personal daily protection and health monitoring are strictly implemented in accordance with government policies.

    Safe production: Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and ensuring the safety of personnel, the company's production and delivery are proceeding normally. The factory area conducts regular killings in public areas. Employees entering the factory area must wear masks, scan codes to take body temperature, disinfection and other procedures, strengthen the control of foreign vehicles and personnel, clarify the itinerary, and strictly follow the relevant government regulations to ensure that customer orders are issued on time Goods.

    While performing scientific prevention and control and safe production, Yuming Valve Group also voluntarily organizes volunteers to cooperate with nearby village committees in nucleic acid testing and fixed-point duty work, which has made significant contributions to local epidemic prevention and control.

    Although it has experienced the double test of floods and epidemics in a short time, I believe that Yuming Valve Group is united, not afraid of difficulties, and going forward bravely will surely overcome all difficulties and tests! We also firmly believe that the day when we can safely invite you to be a guest at Yuming Valve Group is coming!

Go Henan! Go on Zhengzhou! After the storm is the most beautiful rainbow!

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