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The maintenance work of control valve

The maintenance notes of control valve :
1, The safe operation of the inspection. We should check the safe operation such as the sealing cover is tightened, the barrier operation, such as power supply and related accessories to ensure safe operation.
2, Transportation and storage.During control valve transport and storage, application specific brackets, to prevent loosening; 
3,Check support of control valve. The support of the regulating valve makes the components of the regulating valve in the position of being not affected by gravity. If the improper support will cause the valve stem and valve seat can not be in, so that the difference increases, the sealing performance decreased. Therefore, check valve support is appropriate.
4, Clean air, hydraulic oil and other supplies of energy pollution. Air source, hydraulic source is the energy source of the control valve operation. The compressed air and the oil in the hydraulic oil can plug the orifice and the pipeline. Therefore, regularly check the gas source, hydraulic oil, regular filtration device is very important for sewage.
5, The inspection of Gear transmission.Check whether the brake and limit device is flexible and easy to use.
6, Eliminate stress.Due to improper installation or combination Caused Various stresses. 
7, Remove rust and dirt.
8, The inspection of stuffing box.

The maintenance work of control valve :
1, Regular gas source or hydraulic filtration system for sewage and cleaning work.
2, Regularly check the connection point of each connection, corrosion, if necessary, should replace the connector.
3, Regular cleaning of the external control valve.
4, Regular control valve stuffing box and other sealing parts to be adjusted.
5, Regular lubrication of parts to add lubricating oil.
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