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Practice Value of Life, Reward Sishui Hometown, Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd Drive the Growth of “Newborn Force”

At the end of August 2022, Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd held  "Yuming star" and Sishui university freshman seminar. During the seminar, Zhang Zhiqiang, the CEO of Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd, provided love donation with freshmen in Sishui town, meanwhile, he also shared his childlife, growth and entrepreneurship experiences.
He told these students that they should firm their own goals, establish a correct outlook on life, and strive to study hard with the spirit of fighting for the day and return to return home after learning.

The students visited the workshop and exhibition hall of the factory under the leadership of the plant leader of Yuming valve group after the forum. During the forum, students have a deep understanding of the development, responsibility and construction of hometown of Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd

The students believe that they will live up to the expectations of Yuming, cherish life and work hard. After graduation, they will try their best to construct Sishui home town, and reward society.
There is a plan for study, a new goal in life, knowledge changes destiny, and learning makes the future. Yuming valve group welcomes outstanding graduates to return to their hometown and join Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd to jointly build their hometown and serve the motherland!
Thank the Party committee and government of Sishui town for their concern and support for the future development of Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd.
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