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What are the functions of valve?

    Valve is an attachment to open and close pipelines, control flow, regulate and control specifications (temperature, pressure, and flow). Valve is a control part in a fluid convey system, which has functions such as cutting, adjusting, diversion, preventing counter current, regulating pressure, diversion or overflow pressure.In other words, the usage valves can be seen everywhere in our daily life. There are many types of valves. In general, understanding the functions of the valve allows us to better learn about it.

     One: What are the functions of valve?
     1. Cutting: Almost all valves have cutting function. commonly used to cut off without adjusting the flow, you can choose gate valve, ball valve, etc. When you need to cut off medium quickly, it is more appropriate to use the plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, etc. The globe valve can adjust and cut off the flow. The butterfly valve can also be adjusted for large flow.

     2. Change the flow direction: choose the two-way (channel L-shape) or the three-way (channel is T-shaped) ball valve or plug, which can quickly change the flow of materials, and because one valve plays the role of two or more direct valves, it can simplify the operation of valves, make the switching accurate, and reduce the space occupied.

     3.Regulate and control: The globe valve and plug valve can meet the general flow adjustment, and the needle valve can be used for traceable fine tones; the regulation of stable (pressure, flow) in a large flow range is preferably.

     4.Turning back: The check valve can be used to prevent the material from reverse flowing.

     5.Different production processes can choose valves with additional functions. If there are valves with clips, cleaning mouths, and bypass, it is used to prevent the valve from solid particles.

      Two: What are the effects of the valve?
     The role of the valve is actually used according to the type of valve.

    1.Safety valve is a valve to prevent the pressure of the medium from exceeding the specified value.

    2. Vacuum categories include vacuum ball valves, vacuum baffle valves, vacuum inflatable valves, pneumatic vacuum valves, etc. Its function is in the vacuum system, which is used to change the direction of the air flow, adjust the size of the air flow, and the vacuum system element that cuts or connects the pipeline is called a vacuum valve

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