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Common causes and solutions of pneumatic ball valves

Ⅰ. Causes of a actuator

1. Check whether the gas source pressure of the import and export air filter decompression device reaches the rated value, increase the pressure of the gas source or replace the air filter decompression device as depending on the situation;

2. Check whether the solenoid valve is blocked and whether the ventilation action is normal. Clear the blockage or replace the solenoid valve according to the situation;

3. Check whether the gas source pressure that enters the execution agency has reached the rated value and check whether the speedler is blocked;

4. Check whether the friction of the valve seal is too large and whether the sealing ring leaks.
Ⅱ. the actuator moves, but the torque is not enough.

Check the adjustment bolt at both ends of the oil cylinder, adjust it according to the closure, and lock in the correct position.

Ⅲ.the pneumatic ball valve can be switched, but the movement is slow.

Check according to the following conditions:

1. Check whether the speed controller needs to be adjusted before entering the execution agency, because with the increase of the service life of the valve, the change of the process pipe and the valve itself requires the adjustment speed controller;

2. Check whether the cylinder is leaking, and the damage of O -shaped ring in the cylinder will cause the valve to move slowly;

3. Check whether the spring is correct or not, the thrust decreases;

4. Check whether the cylinder export lock valve is sensitive and whether the cylinder exhaust is normal.
Ⅵ. the execution agency work normally, but the valve does not work.

The reason may be as follows:

1. The valve core, the valve seat stuck, the pipeline is blocked;

2. The execution agency is worn off at the connection of the valve core

Ⅸ.the execution agency work normally, but the valve switch is not in place.

The reason may be as follows:

1. There is a foreign body blocking valve in the pipeline;

2. The difference between the middle pressure is too large, the rigidity of the execution mechanism is small, and the valve is not strict;

3. The reason for the fault of the valve body is: if it is a ball valve, the cover surface is generally damaged or the filler letter is leaked; if it is a fluorine butterfly valve, the fluorine butterfly valve or the gum -lining butterfly valve is generally deformed; Generally damage; if the gate valve is worn or stuck, wear or rust, it can be replaced.
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