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Lantern Festival for 2018 

The hot basketball game opened the prelude of the Lantern Festival. Yu Ming worker’s postures enthusiasm was filled with cold and chilly playing fields. The leaping figure led the cheering team to scream and shout. One is called team spirit. The cheers echoed the audience, but competition is not an eternal theme. Continuous self-growth is Yuming's unremitting pursuit.

The Lantern Festival convenes a summary of the work The convention is a tradition in Yuming valve group . In this reunion day, the family of Yuming gather together to sum up the successes and failures of the past year, and make up for the development experience of previous years to a new level! Chairman and the general manager of the company interpret the development of 2018 , called on all staff to clarify the development goals, people unite to move forward, for 2018 to create new achievements and work together!
The award ceremony for outstanding employees is the key link that everybody expects during the Lantern Festival. Good people need to be encouraged. The recognition of excellent employees is not only for their own awards. The excellent employees will also be a benchmark. They will guide and drive the colleagues. Colleagues and family members are together on the road to progress.

Of course, this show also can be said to have earned everyone's attention, new dresses, novel plots, and wonderful interpretations. The workers of Yuming gave their full recognition with their warm applause. Relying on new ideas is the theme of Yuming forever. Regardless of work attitude or way of life, new standards are sometimes not for the sake of innovation. It is an enterprising mentality of Yuming people, constantly accepting and accepting new knowledge, new forces, new methods, and integrating them into our work and life, he demonstrated with a vigorous attitude. Yuming people always greet a happy tomorrow with full enthusiasm.
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