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Quality makes the brand ,reputation achieve brilliance

Quality is the foundation of enterprise's foothold, is the cornerstone of enterprise development, is the strongest guarantee of enterprise's reputation.
Since its establishment in 1972, YuMing makes the product quality as the primary goal of the company's development, and the Yuming people have won the support and trust of the majority of users along the way.
2017 is destined to be an busy year, Yuming people work overtime in all workshops to improve the production quantity of products and ensure that the products are provided to users on time.Due to the improving of the company profile, in the first half of this year there are many large domestic end users and foreign customers to come to visit Yuming , the user's trust and the increasing number of orders bring more busy scene for workshop.
Busy work cannot stop the pace of progress of Yuming people, while visiting customers in july , my company's full welded ball valve with its stable quality won the user's trust and praise again, in the near future continually success in bidding and bid amount:  Xinjiang 2.272636 million yuan on 25 july ,  An yang bid amount: 2.26 million yuan on 31 july .
The user's trust is best for YuMing, the user's order is the biggest encouragement for YuMing, thanks for your support and trust, we must produce the best products to give back to the customers.

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