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Visit customers to promote harmony and win-win

In the third quarter of 2017, my company start to return a annual visit to customers , the main purpose for customers  is to collect the actual problems in the process of use and provide the customers with the perfect solution, at the same time understanding the real needs of customers, can  provide true information for the company’s product research and development, make the use of yu Ming products more in line with customer expectations.

From July to September 2017, the company led by general manager, a team of production staff, technical staff, sales staff, after-sales service team together, go into each city of country, to selectively visit my company customers and agents.
Our review team  go into the factory that are using the products of our company  and  the operational site  that are waiting for installation, to inquiries about product usage and maintenance, and introduce the installation instruction, use points.Review team make a deep commnication with customer for my company safety valve, ball valve, plunger valve, gate valve, butterfly valve , the customers is very satisfaied to the quality of my company's product and after-sales service , and hopes have further strengthen cooperation in the future!

During the visit, the visiting team  also knew about the sales market, and visited the sales market of various valves to understand the reputation and market share of the valve products of our company.
Yu Ming adheres to the user's real needs as the guide, makes the valve products meet the actual needs, and through the product quality and the company's reputation ,become the most satisfied valve manufacturer for every customers .

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