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Forged Floating Ball Valve
Forged Floating Ball Valve
Forged Floating Ball Valve
Forged Floating Ball Valve

Forged Floating Ball Valve

Size Range: 1/2"~8" (DN15~DN200)
Pressure: Class 150~1500(PN16-PN260)
Connection end: RF,RTJ,BW
Operation: Manual,Pneumatic,Electric,Hydraulic
Material: Forged Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Duplex Stainless steel,Alloy steel ,Monel,Inconel, Hastelloy etc.


Yuming steel ball valves are designed manufactured to provide maximum service life and dependability. All ball valves are full ported and meet the design requirements of American Petroleum Institute Standard API 608&API 6D British standard BS 5351 and generally conform to American Society of Mechanical engineers standard ASME B16.34 valves are available in a complete range of body/bonnet materials and trims.

Ranges of Materials

Standard body/bonnet materials include nine grades of carbon, low alloy and stainless steel, for special applications they can be supplied in other grades of alloy and stainless steel. There’s a full range of trim materials to match any service optional packing and gasket materials are available for a full range of service conditions.

  • Extended lever for easy operation. Also available with gearing, motor actuators, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators for more difficult services
  • Split or 3-piece,split body& bonnet for 12″ & small. Disassembles easily for repair or replacement of internal components.
  • Full bore or reduced bore. Full-bore design provides exceptional flow control.
  • A choice of flanged RTJ flanged or buttwelding end for piping flexibility.
  • Std packing multiple v-teflon packing, combined with live loading,maintains packing compression under high-cycle and severe service applications.
  • Blow-out proof stem, a pressure-safe stem shoulder design that protects against failure under excess pressure.
  • Anti statics. A metallic contact is always granted between ball and stem /body to discharge eventual statics build-up during service.
  • Fire safe designed to API607 or BS 6755 to grant their operation suitability in case of fire. Secondary metal-to metal seal acts as backup if primary seal is destroyed by fire. Valves ordered for compliance with API 607 will be provided with graphite packingand gaskets.

Applicable Standards:

  • Steel Ball Valves API 608/API 6D
  • Steel Ball Valves ISO 14313
  • Fire Safe, API 607
  • Anti Static, API 608
  • Steel Valves, ASME B16.34
  • Face to Face ASME B16.10
  • End Flanges, ASME B16.5
  • Buttwelding Ends ASME B16.25
  • Inspection and Test, API 598/ API 6D

Design descriptions:

  • Full Port Design
  • BG. Bolted Bonnet. Split Body
  • Floating Ball Type
  • Blow-Out Proof Stem
  • Fire Durable Construction
  • Anti Static Device
  • Stopper Device
  • ISO 5211 Mounting Pad
  • Flanged or Buttwelding Ends
  • Available with WG Operator
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