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Butt Weld Triple offset Butterfly Valve
Butt Weld Triple offset Butterfly Valve
Butt Weld Triple offset Butterfly Valve
Butt Weld Triple offset Butterfly Valve

Butt Weld Triple offset Butterfly Valve

Size Range: DN50~DN3600(2”~144“)
Pressure Rating: ASME 150LB, 300LB, 600LB, 900LB
Temperature Range: -46℃– +600℃
Connection: Butt weld
Shutoff tightness: Zero Leakage
Structure: Multi-laminated , Metal to Metal
Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel , Aluminum Bronze, Duplex, Titanium, Monel, Hastelloy etc.
Operation: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric OP

Butt Weld Triple offset Butterfly Valve


YUMING Weld type Triple offset butterfly valve could provide both laminated sealing and fully metal sealing. Forged body is to be applied for this series, it could avoid internal looseness that cannot be seen during the casting process and the defects of body strength and axial force by plate welding process. 

  • Laminated sealing & Metal sealing
  • Low opening torque
  • Zero leakage
  • Blow out proof shaft
  • Friction free between seat and disc sealing
  • Tilted cone sealing face

Triple offset butterfly valve add a third angular eccentric based on double eccentric structure. The third offset is consist of an certain angle between center line of valve body and conical seat sealing face, it ensure the sealing ring of the disc can be separated or touched with seat rapidly so that friction and squeeze between seat and sealing ring will be eliminated. 

Friction free design
The use of triple eccentric structure reducing the friction during switching between the sealing surface of the disc and valve body, so that the disc can quickly disengage the valve seat when the triple eccentric butterfly valve is opened or closed.

Low opening torque
This serial uses the Radial Dynamically Balanced Sealing System,by means of optimized design, the forces undertaken on both sides for the butterfly disc inlet and outlet become approximately balanced so as to effectively lower the valve opening torque.

Lubricated bearing
In order to reduce the operation torque and avoid lock of stem under frequently open and close, a customized self-lubricating bushing has been applied. 

Seal ring of laminated type is made of stainless steel plate with graphite/ carbon fiber/ PTFE etc.  Compare to the rubber asbestos plate material, our adopting material is more wearable, anti-flush, reliable and better for environmental.
Seat ring of metal sealed butterfly valve is made of forged alloy steel which has the advantages of anti-scour, wear-resistance, high pressure and temperature resistance and long life span. 
Trim material is made of high quality stainless steel, it could avoid the corrosion problem after long time using.

District energy : Thermal power station, heat exchange station, regional boiler plant, hot-water loop, stem pipe system
Refinery : Brine, Carbon dioxide vapor, propylene plant, vapour system, propylene gas, ethylene plant, ethylene cracking device, coking plant               
Nuclear power plant : containment isolation, seawater desalination system, brine system, core spray system, pump isolation
Thermal power generation : condenser cooling, pump and steam extraction isolation, heat exchanger, condenser cooling isolation, pump isolation
Low temperature : liquid gas, liquefied natural gas systems, oilfield recovery systems, gasification plants and storage equipment, liquefied natural gas transportation systems
Pulp and paper : steam isolation, boiler water, lime and mud
Oil refining : Oil storage isolation, air supply valve, desulfurization system and waste gas processor, flare gas, acid gas isolation, FCCU
Natural gas

Body WCB, A105, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, 4A, 5A, CN7M, C95800, etc.
Butterfly plate WCB, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, 4A, 5A, CN7M, C95800, etc.
Stem 17-4PH (630), 20CR13 (420), XM-19, 329, F51, F53, etc. Hard chrome plating, nitriding, mirror grinding
Seat Body surfacing D507Mo, surfacing 304, surfacing 316, surfacing hard alloy, surfacing special stainless steel, etc.
Independent ring 20CR13, F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F51, F53, etc.
Sealing ring Multi-layer 20CR13+graphite/PTFE, 304+graphite/PTFE, 316+graphite/PTFE, 2507+PTFE, carbon fiber, etc.
Head-to-head SS304, SS316, SS304L, SS316L, 2205, 2507, etc.
Seat fixed three open ring 20CR13, F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F51, F53, etc.
Butterfly plate pressure ring 20CR13, F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F51, F53, etc.
Bracket Carbon steel, Stainless steel, etc.
Bolts and nuts Corresponding material with internal parts
Filler Flexible graphite、PTFE
DN L ∅D ∅D1 H L1
100 190 ∅99 ∅108 365 123
125 200 ∅124 ∅133 415 150
150 210 ∅150 ∅159 430 178
200 230 ∅205 ∅219 580 240
250 250 ∅259 ∅273 660 290
300 270 ∅311 ∅325 735 340
350 290 ∅363 ∅377 780 395
400 310 ∅412 ∅426 885 450
450 330 ∅464 ∅478 965 510
500 350 ∅514 ∅530 1050 560
600 390 ∅612 ∅630 1195 660
700 430 ∅700 ∅720 1360 765
800 470 ∅796 ∅820 1500 870
900 510 ∅896 ∅920 1665 970
1000 550 ∅992 ∅1020 1825 1070
1200 630 ∅1192 ∅1220 2080 1280
1400 710 ∅1388 ∅1420 2340 1490


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