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All welded ball valve features and uses!

All-welded ball valve is a good pressure resistance, simple structure, energy saving and consumption reduction valve, is a central heating hVAC natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas pipeline accessories, especially suitable for installation in the steam pipeline for easy installation and distribution of gas valve.

All-welded ball valve uses:
1. City gas: gas output pipeline, main line and branch supply pipeline, etc.
2, central heating: large heating equipment output pipelines, main lines, branch lines.
3. Heat exchanger: opening and closing of pipelines and all loops.
4, steel plant: all kinds of fluid pipe, exhaust gas pipe, gas and heat supply pipe, fuel supply pipe.
5, all kinds of industrial equipment: all kinds of heat treatment pipelines, all kinds of industrial gas and heat pipelines.

Features of all-welded ball valves:
1. Valve body is made of welded steel pipe.
2. Enhanced ptfe ball pad.
3. The valve stem adopts explosion-proof design.
4. Temperature range :-60-200℃
5. Drive mode: manual or turbo drive.
6. Test standard :Api 598
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