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Electric butterfly valve has advantages and applications

The Electric butterfly valve is a very common device for regulating flow regulation.. It is widely used and involves many fields, such as water flow regulation in reservoirs and DAMS of hydroelectric power plants, flow regulation of industrial fluids in factories etcNext, let's take you to know the characteristics, advantages and uses of electric butterfly valve.

 Good  Sealing
Excellent sealing is very important for the selection of valves,, after all, the role of the electric butterfly valve is timely used to regulate the flow of fluid, working in the face of high temperature and high pressure, Therefore, if the sealing performance is not good, it will lead to fluid leakage, which can not ensure the accurate regulation of flow.And electric butterfly valve has a special sealing system, so it has good sealing from ultra-low temperature to high temperature., that is, the sealing of the electric butterfly valve is not affected by temperature, and the electric valve switch is very convenient.

 Zero  Leakage
The most commendable is the sealing of electric butterfly valve, stem shaft diameter seal is very sealing ring, the sealing ring is made of graphite, The sealing ring and the butterfly plate of the electric butterfly valve will not jam each other,, so the sealing is quite good, Zero leakage fire safety electric butterfly valve is the first choice for many customers.

 Convenient  Adjustment and  Control
The Electric butterfly valve is used to control the flow of fluid device, In addition to transporting regulating fluid, substances with certain viscosity such as mud can also be transported, and there is less liquid accumulated in the pipeline, so the electric opening and closing is fast and simple.

There are many types of valves used in industry, but it takes a lot of effort to buy a really satisfactory valve. Electric butterfly valve has a wide range of application, strong operability and excellent sealing. It is widely used in industrial electric valves.
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