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What are the main contents of inspection during valve use? 

If the valve is not repaired and maintained in time, it will cause leakage of the valve or leakage of the switch; the valve is not regularly overhauled and pressure tested, even if it is used for many years without cleaning, pressure testing and technical appraisal, resulting in debris deposited in the valve, close the valve, Severe oil leakage, simmering oil; valves are not closed after maintenance, or the nozzles are not blocked after the valve is removed; the valve dust gaskets are made of non-resistant oil pressure resistant materials. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the valve and strive to prevent it from happening.
The main content of the monthly inspection of the valve:
1. Whether the stem seal and flange gasket static seal leak;
2, open and closed state is normal;
3, the valve body has no damage and leakage and other abnormal phenomena;
4. Rotate the normally open or normally closed valve for 1-2 revolutions or lift test;
5, for the normally open or normally closed valve stem parts lubrication;
6, check and debug pneumatic valve power head and electrical system.
At least once a half year, the stroke controller and opening index indicator of the electric valve and pneumatic valve should be adjusted once.
Every two years, the use of more than 5 years of valve inspection sampling more than 10%, disintegration and hydraulic pressure test, the main contents of the valve dismantling inspection:
1. Whether the valve plug is tightly combined with the valve seat;
2. Whether the connection between valve stem and valve plug is flexible and reliable;
3. Whether the valve stem is bent or corroded, whether the stem and the packing gland are fitted properly, and whether the thread has any defect;
4, valve cover and valve body without cracks, joints are good;
5, gaskets, packing, bolts, etc. are safe, with or without defects.
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