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The Introduce of the welded ball valve and Technical characteristics

All welded ball valve is widely used in various fields, its superior quality and high performance stability is the common cast steel ball valve which can not be achieved, all welded ball valve service life is far greater than the steel ball valve, full welded ball valve is widely used in city gas, city heating, petrochemical, shipbuilding, steel, power plants and other types of pipeline, pressure regulating station equipment.
Technical characteristics
1, the overall structure of the valve body welding, there will be no external leakage.
2, the seat by the PTFE sealing ring and spring components of the pressure and temperature changes to adapt to the strong, in the use of the scope will not produce any leakage.
3, the valve stem leakage proof structure, the stem at the bottom there are 1 PTFE and 1 O self sealing gasket type seal ring, there are 2 O and two PTFE type sealing ring seal to ensure no leakage.
4, the valve body material and the same pipe material, there will be no stress unevenness, and will not be due to the earthquake and the vehicle through the ground sometimes extrusion deformation.
5, the valve body is light and easy to heat preservation.
6, the valve can be directly buried underground, not built tall valve wells, only need to set up a small shallow wells on the ground, greatly reduce the construction cost and construction time.
7, according to the construction of the pipeline and design requirements to adjust the length of the valve body and stem height.
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